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what do I know about writing?

Never enough is my honest answer. I started writing short stories when I was a kid in single digits, but I got serious about my craft in high school. I studied creative writing and playwriting in university, attended numerous writers’ retreats, had my plays workshopped and produced in Canada and the U.S., was a writer-in-residence at the Wallace Stegner House, and was runner-up for the Canada Writes – CBC Short Story Prize in 2011, when my piece was voted Canada’s Favourite. I wrote corporate email blasts and web content in another life, blogged about my city while slogging away at my passion project/unfinished novel, and continued to learn from other writers and teachers when I went back to school.

working with me

As a veteran member of several writing groups—my longest tenure to date has been with Bloor West Writers in Toronto—the opportunity to workshop my own writing, as well as read other writers’ work, has sharpened my ear and elevated my craft. Receiving solid and consistent feedback helped me find my voice, but often the greatest moments of understanding and inspiration came at the pub afterwards when my fellow writers and I talked about the writing process. I offer services as both a writing coach and a reader/editor, so whether you’re churning out an epic novel, editing your short story collection, drafting a screenplay, or feeling stuck with a manuscript that needs a major overhaul and an agent breathing down your neck, I provide the support and focused attention you require to keep writing.

are you looking for a writing community? soar offers group coaching for writers (read more…)
group coaching

Writing is a solitary pursuit, but the situations and concerns that the average writer faces are universal. Group coaching allows an intimate collective of writers to share their challenges and wins in a twice-monthly session, with topics ranging from the business of writing to procrastination to getting past the mental blocks that can stall and intimidate. Learning opportunities present themselves through peer experience as participants explore their individual opportunities for growth and development alongside one another in a supportive and creative arena. If the financial commitment of individual coaching feels like more than you can manage, or if you’re craving some interaction with your writing peers, group coaching is a great alternative to one-on-one sessions. Shoot me an email for more details.