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people say

“It’s rare that someone says something to me that changes the way I see the world…but our conversation of earlier today has been bouncing around in my head all day. The gentle way you guided me towards the realization that the things I look for in actors when I’m sitting in the director’s chair are NOT the things I think I’m bringing in to the room as an actor—it was very intelligently and kindly done. Thank you for that. And I sincerely hope that I’ll be able to remember, on an ongoing basis, that my intelligence and work ethic are important, but not nearly as important as my heart and soul.” ~Adam, Actor & Film Maker

“There are many things I love about working with Pam and SOAR Coaching but due to time restrictions, let me highlight two of my favourites. The first would be her wonderful ability to listen deeply and from that listening, ask questions that bring to light thoughts or feelings that had yet to be discovered and [are] necessary in order to move forward. I found myself consistently challenged and inspired after our meetings! My other favourite thing is that she herself is creative and therefore understands the messiness of the creative process. I never felt she was imposing her ideas on my project or telling me how I “should” do things. She gave me space to figure out how I wanted to tackle parts of the project, consistently asking questions or giving suggestions but never forcing me one way or another. Over the course of a couple months I accomplished more than I imagined I would. I’ve missed our meetings & look forward to working with her again!” ~Jen Cook, Singer/Vocal Coach